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THE LATEST GREATGOLD NEWS features news and information about the GreatGold website, GreatGold Internet Radio, and news about singers, songwriters, musicians, and others involved in the performance, production and/or presentation of music to listen to and enjoy. Is Now



the-latest-greatgold-news-cover_over-pretty-smiling-lady_also-mobile-ready-phone-image_300x300GREATGOLD NEWS – There is one thing in life that you can always count on and that is “change”. Our domain name has changed due to registration expiration at the end of May, 2024 because of an unintended paperwork snafu. As a result of the confusion that developed, we lost the right to use the FM domain name that we duly registered and maintained for 17 years since 2008 for the website and audio stream URL. Instead, all of our original GreatGold-dot-fm website content can now be reached at, including monthly music star birthdays and other Classic Hits, Pop Oldies and Wannabees media news and photos. That content, including archives of past stories and information, can now all be seen online by going to
MOST OF THE LINKS to and from content have been updated, however, there may be an occasional link that may not take you to where you want to go. Please be patient while we attempt to make the links more accurately 100 percent current. If you discover something that needs to be updated, please let us know about it. Thank you.

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Gary Morgan Plays The Classic Hit Oldies Mix on Internet Radio.